welcome :)

well…i finally decided to open up an account … im abit nervous but i know i will get used to it .

let me tell you about myself .Im a teenager firstly . I am a very loud , fun , creative and smart girl . i really enjoy being online and sharing all my creative ideas with everyone , so thats what inspired me to create this blog called just being me .

the best part is that im very good at writing , so i will leave alot of my essays on very interesting topics …for school , speeches or whatever you need them for .

i like to think of a blog as a diary …sharing all my thoughts and just being myself . the reason for that is , im afraid of talking to people about my feelings because i always get judged by every little thing that i do. so there you go, the main reason i opened it up was because i want to share …my life … my ideas and many more without being judged . my whole life i was judged and misunderstood …so this blog helps me with that and will also helps you with boosting your confidence , being independent and living healthy , so that you can be at your best all the time .

im ending this with a piece of advice …remember , you are you . you are beautiful and unique …there is no one else like you . if you think thats a bad thing then you are wrong .you should show off your uniquenss and embrace it .be happy with who you and never think low of yourself …you are amazing