welcome :)

well…i finally decided to open up an account … im abit nervous but i know i will get used to it .

let me tell you about myself .Im a teenager firstly . I am a very loud , fun , creative and smart girl . i really enjoy being online and sharing all my creative ideas with everyone , so thats what inspired me to create this blog called just being me .

the best part is that im very good at writing , so i will leave alot of my essays on very interesting topics …for school , speeches or whatever you need them for .

i like to think of a blog as a diary …sharing all my thoughts and just being myself . the reason for that is , im afraid of talking to people about my feelings because i always get judged by every little thing that i do. so there you go, the main reason i opened it up was because i want to share …my life … my ideas and many more without being judged . my whole life i was judged and misunderstood …so this blog helps me with that and will also helps you with boosting your confidence , being independent and living healthy , so that you can be at your best all the time .

im ending this with a piece of advice …remember , you are you . you are beautiful and unique …there is no one else like you . if you think thats a bad thing then you are wrong .you should show off your uniquenss and embrace it .be happy with who you and never think low of yourself …you are amazing

fake friends

false friendship , like ivy , decays and ruins the walls it embraces but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports .

Today I would like to draw your attention to an important life lesson we all at some time been through . we all have friends and are friends to each other , we either there in time of need or need someone at our rescue when we are down . However , my deepest fear is trusting the ones we may think how our backs in situations , yet are far from that

fake friends …often we are mistaken by the meaning of friendship . You ought to know by now that not everyone is your friend. just because we hang around with the same people everyday and have a couple laughs , it doesn’t make them our true friends , it doesnt mean that they wont hurt you . Often people pretend well , we hear the saying ‘jealousy sometimes doesnt live far’ . its important to know your circle , who you can trust and rely on . It is said  that “an honest enemy is better than a fake friend . how true is this ? when in trying situations , always pay attention to what people do rather than what they say . it is sad , but true that at the end of the day , real situations expose fake friends .

fake people are always near you at you brightest yet disappear at your darkest hour …sounds familiar ? if so , its time to change your circle of friends .

to be a good friend you have to always find ways to help and be around rather than looking for an excuse . its sad how over the years friends can lose contact , yet if a bond is strong it does withhold the test of time and distance . true friends always find a way back .

a true friend pushes you towards greater possibilities for your future , whilst a fake one will chain you to the mistakes of your past leaving you in loss of confidence and self-doubt …so choose wisely . a person who is always cultivating your friendship with ulterior motives is someone who is not going to be there for you in time of distress .

we all at some point experienced the value of friendship , likewise have we experienced people , especially the ones closest to us , stop taking to us and surely started talking about us behind our backs . As Wiz Khalifa said , and i quote “best friends have 11 letters , but so does backstabber ” unquote .

it is time you acknowledge that you rather have a few real friends than a thousand back=bitting , pretend well , so-called friends . in this world there are people who are real and genuine , some are good , some are fakes and some are really good at being fake .

as we get older we tend to look for quantity and not quality , so lets change that . look for someone who is going to stick around , someone willing to tell you the most ugliest truth to your face rather than behind your back. look for a friend that is in both your brightest and darkest hour , who always has your back in all types of situations because they love you and not just doing it to brag about it . Trust soemone not to believe in rumors heard , rather believe in who you are .

In conclusion , i have a bit of advice . be a friend you expect in return , be considerate and loyal . don’t wear a mask nor be two-faced . let your friendship grow through honesty and love . DONT BE UNAPPRECIATIVE OF A TRUE GEM , JUST DISCARD ALL THE FAKE ONES .

thank you

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